Online and In-person Flight Training Academy

AeroVision Canada has proudly partnered with our Western Canadian friends at InDro Robotics to bring you a premium selection of online training options. Whether you are brand new and just learning the first thing about drones, or wish to pursue Advanced Certification, these courses will have you covered. Please refer to the links below for full details, curriculum and pricing.


Drone ground school training for Canada’s Basic Pilot Certification


TP15263 compliant ground school training for advanced category pilots of small RPAS in Canada


If you’ve bought a drone and just aren’t sure how to build skill and experience, online flight training is a great start! Learn your drone and some essential thumb/stick skills to challenge you to become a better pilot.


Preparing for your first flight? Need help assembling your checklists for your flight review? This FLYY GUIDE will help you understand the what, why and hows of creating your very own practical and efficient SOPs. Templates included!


This FLYY Guide helps you prepare for your flight review – the in-person assessment required to qualify for an Advanced Pilot Certification. With a bit of preparation and guidance, you’ll be best equipped to pass the review on your first attempt!

In-Person Training

We facilitate training for businesses, groups or organizations that are pursuing their Advanced Certification and require a Flight Review, or are in need of annual refresher training. Students must first successfully pass the Small Advanced exam as a prerequisite, provided by Transport Canada. Training is scheduled upon request, please contact us to make arrangements.

All candidates must:

– be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
– be at least 16 years of age
– have a Pilot Certificate – Basic Operations and passed the Small Advanced Exam
– reside at the address indicated on their pilot certificate
– provide government-issued identification with the correct spelling of their name

Cost: $299.00 + HST

The Flight Review Prep/Refresher is the in-person assessment to become an Advanced Category pilot. Please contact us to purchase a flight review with one of InDro Robotics flight reviewers! We’re available in all major cities coast to coast to coast.

All training provided is in compliance with Transport Canada document: TP 15263 – Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (UAV) 25 kg or less, Operation within Visual Line of Sight. The course objective is to provide RPAS operators with the background knowledge required to operate in Canadian airspace.

Basic RPAS Ground School

Course curriculum


Air Law [65 MINS + QUIZ]

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems [25 MINS + QUIZ]

Human Factors [11 MINS + QUIZ]

Meteorology [31 MINS + QUIZ]

Navigation [39 MINS + QUIZ]

Advanced RPAS Ground School

Course curriculum

Air Law

RPAS Airframes, Engines and Systems

Human Factors


Navigation and Navigation Aids


Theory of Flight

Flight Operations

Practice Exam

Online Flight Training

Course curriculum

Start Here!


FLYY Guide - Standard Operating Procedures

Course curriculum

About SOP

Normal Procedures Development Guidance

Emergency Procedures Development Guidance

Incident Response Procedures Development Guidance


FLYY Guide - Flight Review

Course curriculum

Preparing for your Flight Review